Monday, August 27, 2012

Mystery Monday - Young Men in Hats

This interesting photo of six young men all wearing hats came from Paducah pictures. The picture raises so many questions. Who were they? Why are they all wearing hats? Did they work together? What was the occasion for taking the photo?

Thinking that the bowler hats might be a clue, I consulted Wikipedia where I found: In the Americas, the bowler, not the cowboy hat or sombrero, was the most popular hat in the American West, prompting Lucius Beebe to call it "the hat that won the West". Both cowboys and railroad workers preferred the hat because it would not blow off easily in strong wind, or when sticking one's head out the window of a speeding train. It was worn by both lawmen and outlaws, including Bat Masterson, Butch Cassidy, Black Bart, and Billy the Kid.

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  1. Beverly, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment about the men with the bowler's hats! I love your blog, you have some wonderful photographs. It is also interesting to me because I am from southern Illinois, Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County. Several of my ancestors were from Kentucky coming from Crittendon, Madison and Boone Counties. Most were coal miners. I look forward to seeing more of your photos and have added you to my blog roll.
    Teresa Wilson Rogers